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As one of the first cryptocurrency coins, DigiByte activated SegWit today. LTC: LQqqZbPsX27QWP8ogd9CxSgYnfifNLkCZ3 Doge: DT5h3g1NhhsA1X8wP5GHVcEdgNTCfJTi5F.It would be great to see some actual discussion about Litecoin and the implications of SegWit,.

This has been compounded by the fact that recently, also, ther.You can also engage with the community on our Bitcoin Forum, or check out some useful tools.Bitcoin scalability issues continue to generate controversies spanning across countries and continents from China to the US and from Iceland to Japan.Litecoin Successfully Activates Segwit. which for a brief period returned a BTC template to LTC miners,.Even though the activating of SegWit has been achieved successfully,.Rumors Surface Regarding Litecoin Implementing a User-activated Soft Fork To Ensure SegWit Activation.

Litecoin Has Locked In SegWit Activation Successfully

Segwit was successfully activated at block 481,824 as expected, this will be good.

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Litecoin, one of the oldest and biggest altcoins by market cap, deployed Segregated Witness (SegWit) today.As Segwit activated Jeff Garzik, Segwit2x developer, has informed the bitcoin community about the next steps to follow: As of this writing,.

Charlie Lee Potentially Enforcing Litecoin SegWit. this feature activated on the. updates Charlie Lee Potentially Enforcing Litecoin SegWit Activation.Litecoin activated segregated witness (SegWit) transactions on its network on 10th May,.The post Litecoin Aiming for User-Activated Soft Fork Amid Rumors of SegWit.

Litecoin Aiming for User-Activated Soft Fork Amid Rumors

After the split of Bitcoin Cash BCH and the issue of the uncertainty - and its debate tra.

Bitmain Is Suspected of Deliberately Preventing the Activation of. is-suspected-of-deliberately-preventing-the. segwit will be activated on LTC it.This popular altcoin is looking to activate SegWit and almost. implement the user-activated soft fork.

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Only 84 million LTC will ever exist, which creates the scarcity. Right now, Litecoin has Segwit activated and Bitcoin does not.Every Major Litecoin Mining Pool now Signals SegWit. nearly all LTC mining pools are now signaling SegWit.This Global LTC Roundtable Meeting is established to remove misunderstandings and promote industrial consensus.Litecoin Has Locked In SegWit Activation Successfully28Apr 2017Litecoin (LTC) has reached the required threshold in order for SegWit to be activated and this is your premier source for everything Bitcoin related.On March 22, Wang Chun, the owner of F2Pool, wrote across social medi.

Litecoin Price Spikes After Successful SegWit. place because it was known that SegWit was to be activated within a.We are also working around the clock to make sure that LTC trading will be available soon on Bitstamp mobile.Sign up, tune into the things you care about, and get updates as they happen. When SegWit activates, LTC price will be: 11:49 AM - 5 Apr 2017.Popular cryptocurrency trading platform Evolve Markets has announced the.Not only is the LTC rocketing upwards, but the network is inching that much closer to seeing SegWit activated.This section of the site focuses on delivering the latest news from the bitcoin space.

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Litecoin Activates SegWit Today As Price Nears $40

SegWit Activation Complete, Litecoin Charts a Course for. the price of LTC,. developer Johnson Lau who switched to litecoin after SegWit activated on.

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SysCoin to deploy Lightning Network after it successfully activated SegWit on its.Litecoin can be identified on exchanges under currency symbols LTC or XLT.Segwit, an upgrade originally developed for Bitcoin, is activated on Litecoin on May 10.

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Bitcoin scaling: SegWit, User Activated Soft Forks and Bitcoin splitting in two.Blockchain investor Travis Scher of Digital Currency Group has posted a querulous smack-down of Initial Coin Offering (ICOs) going on in the cryptocurrency world that support, for a large part, Blockchain startups.Bitcoin Community is Withering—It has Lost the Excellent Circle.Lee advocated for SegWit to be activated on Litecoin and Bitcoin. You can now pay LTC and exchange them instantly through a LN exchange node and send BTC to the...

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Litecoin, one of the oldest and biggest altcoins by market cap, deployed Segregated Witness ( SegWit) today.Recently, as the discussion around activating Segwit on Litecoin becomes more and more intense, many people have been asking me why my Litecoin pool is not voting for Segwit.